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Duster and Butch have the same conversation over the bag of Money and Butch hides the bag in the well, while Fassad eavesdrops out of sight from both of them. Enter the Inn and talk to the innkeeper. Fassad asks how much it costs to stay, but the inn doesn't ask for any money. Fassad gives them a bag of money anyway, and Betsy figures they can use it as a doorstop.

Enter the middle room and Salsa will go to sleep. In the middle of the night, Fassad wakes up and goes outside. Follow him and you'll overhear a conversation between him and the Pigmasks in Osohe. Fassad then steals Butch's bag of Money out of the well. Go back to your room and Salsa will rush back to sleep. You can also run toward Fassad and get caught if you want to.

As in previous chapters, you can get as many Thunder Bombs as you want from behind Duster's house. Just enter the Crossroad to refill the hidden gift box. Take about 2 or 3 in preparation for a boss battle. Salsa has terrible Offense, and it'll probably take you a while to defeat the Greedy Mouse. Use Crowd Pleaser to help you run away. Fassad gives Salsa a rude awakening the next morning. He reminds Salsa to properly do his job in entertaining the village. If he succeeds, Fassad promises to reunite Salsa with his girlfriend; otherwise, Salsa will get more Punishment.

Talk to each person who has their hand raised. Their names are Biff, Abby, Isaac, and Abbot. They tell Salsa their names and express a mixture of curiosity and skepticism when you talk to them. After talking to all four of them, talk to Fassad. When he hangs up, Fassad tells Salsa to go to the graveyard and retrieve the Boxes of Happiness hidden there.

Go to the homes of those who raised their hands earlier and give them one each.

If you finish and return to the Inn within 22 minutes, Fassad promises to reward you with a banana. If you try to escape, both Salsa and his girlfriend will get ample Punishment. Leave the room and talk to the blonde lady. Dance for her to receive Nut Bread. If you want more, dance for Caroline, the baker, who lives near the west exit of the village square, or go to Hinawa's grave and talk to Alec. You can't take any items from Thomas's Bazaar because Thomas doesn't let Salsa touch his merchandise. As in previous chapters, you can check behind Duster's house to take as many Thunder Bombs as you want.

Go north to the Crossroad and enter the cave to the east. If you run out of inventory space, discard any Bug Sprays you might have. These gift boxes might become empty if you wait until after delivering the Boxes of Happiness. Go north to the graveyard and head toward the grave you came out of earlier. The four Happiness Boxes are there, as well as Mapson standing in front of a grave.

Talk to him and he'll circle the location of each person's house on your map. Examine one of the boxes to pick it up. You must find and talk to a person who raised their hand, then return to the graveyard to pick up and deliver the next box. Abbot and Abby's home is on the north side of the village square; coming in from the Crossroad, their room is the first door on the left. Both requested a Box of Happiness, but because they live together they share one Box of Happiness.

Isaac's house is in the forest near the hot spring. On the way, you might encounter some Mantises and Greedy Mice.

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The Mantis can be defeated in 1 or 2 turns, but the Greedy Mouse will probably take too long to defeat. Use Crowd Pleaser to immobilize it and run away. When you deliver all three boxes, return to Fassad. He tells Salsa that he was just over the time limit and punishes him. Fassad's next task is to accompany him to Osohe Castle and take care of the problem there. Log In Sign Up.

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Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! What do you need help on? Cancel X. Would you recommend this Guide? Yes No Hide. Send Skip Hide. Message Sent. Outline Talk to Wes in Duster's house Go to Osohe Castle and defeat the Clayman Return to the room where you found the spittoon Go to the ninth floor and defeat the boss.

Duster : Standard attack Hypnotic Pendulum. Duster : standard attack. While submerged, it receives half damage from physical attacks but slightly more damage from electricity. Reducing the Oh-So-Snake's Offense or making it cry doesn't affect the tsunami. Coil attack Effect: immobilizes a single target for 3 or 4 rounds Blow bubbles in the water Effect: none Comments: The Oh-So-Snake spends 1 or 2 turns doing nothing after attacking with a tsunami. Strategy The Oh-So-Snake generates a tsunami after it suffers a certain amount of damage.

Show me what you've got. This sheen This feel It's exquisite and finely made and, in a way, shiny! Looks pretty good, huh?

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This is indeed Osohe Castle's legendary, noble spittoon that has been passed down from generation to generation Good find! I knew you could do it. You are You don't know what to steal, and you call yourself a thief?! Anything else?!

You fool! You didn't bring any real winners, did you?! Are you trying to amuse me by acting dumb? You fool. Let me see that! I think that The person who owns that pendant Is the Princess of Osohe Castle.

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Your first task was a failure. But this is no time for me to call you a fool all day. I'll go with you.

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We're going to Osohe Castle. We're going to the room where you found that spittoon! Secret Door When you reach your destination, examine the face on the wall. Wes opens it for you. It looks like someone's already opened this door Must've been a short time ago.

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The only person that could've opened this secret door is the Princess. This is a little embarrassing, so look the other way. It's not like I'm sticking my butt out or anything. I've told you a million times to dance when you don't know what else to do I suspect the Princess is farther inside. Those pig men are probably still back in the hall.

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Let's go, and stay alert! I once asked the king of Osohe what it was, and the usually friendly king looked at me sternly and said, 'Forget about it,' I think.