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Jenny was embarrassed at first because Wade had now seen her other scars. She learned to trust him and told him she loved him. Before they reached the fort, they made love and promised themselves to each other. Back in St. Louis, her uncle was furious that she wasn't sent back to him and was determined to get her back. He sent a letter to the captain of the fort where she was headed offering a reward for her return.

The telegram was given to Enders and he intended to use the information to return Jenny to her uncle after he had slept with her.

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The coach didn't arrive when it was supposed to and Enders and his group of soldiers from the fort found the burned coach and buried the dead men. They followed the tracks left by Wade, the Indian pony that had been left for them, and a travois as they set out to find Jennifer.

The soldiers caught up with Jenny and Wade and accused Wade of hurting her. They tried to fight with him and Jenny stopped them. She told them that he she was injured and he had saved her. She was pretty disgusted by Enders behavior and knew then that she would never marry him but pretended so that she could remain safely at the fort while Wade searched for his brother and mother. A Comanche told Wade where to find his brother and Wild Horse told Wade that they had to fight to the death because it was a bad omen that there were two spirits for one body.

Wild Horse told Wade where to find their mother and he went to see her. She was on a reservation and had pneumonia and died a few days after Wade arrived.

She was still living with her brother and he heard her admit that the boys were twins and she had left one behind to die. Wade went back to the fort to see Jenny and didn't realize that he had been followed. The soldiers then tracked him to where he went back to meet with Wild Horse. Wild Horse circled around the soldiers and killed 8 of them, including Enders. Wade was forced to watch the soldiers be killed. The ones that survived blamed him and Jennifer for the ones that died.

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Enders friend, Deaver attempted to rape Jenny but she poured boiling water on him and the Captain of the fort told her she had to leave. The woman she was staying with at the fort sent a telegram to Wade's family asking for their help but she wasn't allowed to wait for them to arrive.

She was put on a stage headed for El Paso and the switched her direction to San Antonio. She was waiting at a rest stop for the stage where the manager had a Comanche wife. Her brothers came to the station and recognized her. They took her with them to see Wild Horse and Wade. Wild Horse was mildly torturing Wade to get him to fight him because Wade had refused.

Jenny was taken to Wade and Wild Horse pretended to rape her to anger Wade into fighting him. Wade did get mad enough and they fought the next morning. Wade won the fight when he had taken Wild Horse's weapons and when Wild Horse lost his balance, Wade grabbed him and Wild Horse fell on the knife in Wade's hand.

They buried him in the mountains with Wild Horse telling Wade that he hadn't touched Jenny. Jenny, Wade and an 8 yr. Wade agreed to lead the Comanche tribe that remained under Wild Horse's leadership to the reservation peacefully. They were on the way to the reservation when his white brothers found them. They agreed to finish their business in Galveston while Wade continued on to the reservation with the Indians. They would meet back up in three weeks to return to California.

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Wade told them that he intended to marry Jenny and bring Kathleen with them. The brothers took the weapons away from the soldiers when they saw the Indians headed to the reservation and promised to give them back once they got back to the fort. They didn't want anyone accidentally shot and killed.

The brothers didn't trust the soldiers with good reason. The captain was told that he could make up any story he wanted but Wild Horse was dead and the renegades were leaving Texas. He would not be given the location of the body. It was years before anyone went stayed in the area called Comanche Hills because people swore at night they could see the ghost of an Indian letting out a bloodcurdling war cry.

Feb 09, Cindy Edwards rated it it was ok.

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Typical romance. They fall in love quickly and she professes her love repeatedly.


If you skip over the mush, the book gets better toward the end. The story line had potential. It was a stretch giving this book two stars. View 1 comment. Dec 07, Jessica Williams rated it it was amazing. I read this book over and over. I love it. I love romance novels set in the 19th century. I used to be a member of Zebra publishing and got these books every month. I think I will start back to ordering again. Jul 04, Gaile rated it it was amazing Shelves: native-american-romance , favorites.

This book kept me turning pages far into the night. I had heard it was about twin brothers, one raised white and one Indian but it is also a romance and it turned out way different from what I expected. Aug 01, Shannon rated it liked it Shelves: challenge-book-group. Jun 05, Allure Van Sanz rated it it was amazing. Loved this book! My sister and I are currently battling over who had it last and where it went. I KNOW she has it!


Oct 09, Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance-indian. This was an outstanding story!

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I would have liked another book to explain what happens after they leave Indian country. I really loved this story, I couldn't put it down!! Jul 20, Marlene rated it it was amazing. Wild and wonderful story-line with action, adventure and a touch of romance. She is threatened, pushed around and the final deed is an Indian attack on the stagecoach she is in. Her rescue is harrowing, her wounds deep and her trust of a stranger leads her into areas that are dangerous and crude. Wade Morrow, a Comanche half-br Wild and wonderful story-line with action, adventure and a touch of romance.

Wade Morrow, a Comanche half-breed becomes her friend and the book carries on in the fashion of the writing by Ms. This is a stand-alone book. Feb 28, Maggie rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , historical-romance. This was very hard for me to rate. I mean, I loved the story.

It was action-packed, romance-filled, and lots of conflict. They had great chemistry. My problem was the ending. Just couldn't buy it. He was a seasoned warrior who had a big following because of his ability and skills.

Hell Come Sundown : Nancy A. Collins :

Well done, Ro This was very hard for me to rate. Well done, Rosanne. Loved it. As always Rosanne Bittner captured the wildness of the clashes of peoples and cultures while adhering to a fast moving story line. The action is fast, brutal at times and yet easy to read. There are characters to love, hate, pity and despise.

Through it all there weaves the skillfully told message of enduring love and courage that defines what I want in a story. This is going on my favorites shelf. Rarely do I get so involved as to actually have tears in my eyes!