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There is one common theme with all of the above methods for making side income. Do you know what it is? They all take work. That's right, you'll never achieve the kind of lifestyle you want if you don't work for it. You'll be able to quit that job faster than you ever imagined.

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Revoke Consent Submit Consent. Side Businesses. Start Slideshow. Image credit: Shutterstock. Brandon Turner. VIP Contributor. February 15, 6 min read. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. You could partner with a larger platform and sell to its audience as I did. You could work to get published through a major publishing company probably the most difficult path. Wonderful article. My to do list is forever long but by placing the larger things as a first priority, day by day, it breaks them down to something more manageable.

Just as important is giving time to let your mind, body and soul relax and recoup. Thanks for the tips! Love em! Wonderful advice. I especially like 7 Be Present With Others. Sadly, when I worked at a preschool I saw all too often that some moms walked in and out with their cell phones going, hardly noticing the children they had in tow.

Hopefully they stopped doing that. Time with our loved ones is precious. We need to cherish the moments we have. I work hour overnights and 6 is especially difficult as I cannot seem to sleep well more than a couple of hours during the day. But eating right timing and exercise can be a challenge too. This was such a wonderful summary.

Jon: There’s No Time Like the Present

First new addition in a while! I love this. Chalk pens on the bathroom mirror should do it! I am naturally a morning person — i love mornings, its my time to meditate, drink my green smoothie, and relax. Everyone always gets surprised by that — because it is really rare for a person to be a morning person.

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Most people get up grumpily and pour copious amounts of coffee in themselves, so they can stay awake. The offside is that I am done by 10pm.

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I am flat on my bed. I cannot stay awake longer than that.

Holly: Save Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

I do drink coffee, but I drink it because I love it! I can drink it any time of day. I accomplish more,and am in a much better mood. I have a really hard time past 10 pm too!

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From a neurologist who is a brain expert, he says our brain is wired to sleep starting at 10pm. The most important time to be asleep is between 10pm and 2am.

10 Simple Steps to Make the Most of Every Day

This is known as deep sleep. The body needs this deep sleep to function. This has been this way since caveman times when everyone went to sleep as soon as it was dark. Only recently in human history, maybe since Edison inventing the light bulb have we stayed up late at night. I am trying to get my deep sleep now but its hard with others in my house.

It would have been way earlier than 10pm,then if they went to sleep as soon as it was dark. Hehe-just my imagining;. That was a really inspiring article! I have one question for you though: how do you let go of stress? If that happens, what do you recommend fellow minimalists should do?

If you are capable, walk. Exercise is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself each day…only 30 minutes of walking can help your body and kick off a wonderful spiritual awareness. Hi and thanks for the advice. Although going for a walk might sometimes be impractical, focusing on what I am grateful for really makes a difference! Hello there!

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Do you have children? I have the same issue maybe not quite so bad , and I think it is mostly just an incurable part of motherhood! I guess the issue is how you manage it. Even after 11 years, this wake-up time does not work well for me. My body really wants to sleep 11 p. I have trouble being sleepy early enough to mesh well with the a. May work… after 11 years, one would have thought your body would have gotten use to the early rises.