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One of the biggest turning points in the evolution of my tradecraft was when I began to learn just how much information AD can give up. Various user fields in Active Directory can give you some great starting points to track down users. This is also something that the prolific Carlos Perez talked about at at Derbycon Once you get domain admin, but still want to track down particular users, Windows event logs can be a great place to check as well.

This can sometimes help you narrow down users to hunt for. The Invoke-UserHunter function can help you hunt for specific users on the domain. It accepts a username, userlist, or domain group, and accepts a host list or queries the domain for available hosts. Everything is flexible, letting you define who to hunt for where. Again, admin privileges are not needed.

Hunting Licenses & Fees

Invoke-StealthUserHunter can get you good coverage with less traffic. You will need domain admin access in order to query these events from a DC. Read more posts about penetesting. Is there a way that functionality en masse for the purposes of user hunting? I do like having options, but in general I think that functionality is mostly covered using more flexible tools.

He was given a dog, of who he named Rusty. Rusty was later murdered right in front of eight year old Jasper, possibly intentionally.

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It's believed that the death of Rusty was meant to introduce Jasper to cruelty and brutality, and to understand death. During the first eight or nine years of his life, Jasper was being groomed by both of his parents to become a "crow", and this included practicing cutting people -practicing his knife skills on his mother.

Little is disclosed about Jasper's childhood, until he turned nine when his mother left him and Jasper was left alone to learn, and continue his training with his father.

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This was intentional on both of his parent's parts - to make him dependent on his father. Following his father's arrest when he was thirteen, Jasper was put into foster care for a couple of days. Shocked over his father's arrest, and suffering from the shock and awe of everything, Jasper fell back to his old tricks and played make believe so that the social workers would release him into the care of his grandmother.

Jasper Dent

For the next four years, Jasper would balance taking care of his mother, the fallout of his father's actions, and being a regular teenager until a dead girl's body appeared on the Harrison property Jasper is said to be a private person who likes to keep to himself. Instead of being a stereotypical loner, however, Jasper has one close friend and confident of whom he trusts completely, and who he relies on with everything. The two met when they were young, when Jasper came across Howie being picked on due to his condition.

In a spur of the moment, in an out of character action, Jasper stepped in and defended Howie. Ever since, the two have been "bros". Jasper relies on Howie for sanity. As the two grow older, they remain close friends. Every morning they meet up for coffee. Howie is described as being aloof, easy going, goofy and inappropriate. Howie was the first person to give Jasper his nickname, something that Jazz found to be a comfort later in life.

They are so close that Jasper was willing to get tattoos for Howie. Connie Hall is Jasper's girlfriend, and the second closest person in his life. He loves her deeply, and trusts her and allows her in his very private life. Despite his fears of racial limitations he was originally attracted to her for her skin color , Jasper has fallen head over heels for Connie, and it's been proven, time and time again, that they make a great couple.

Demonstrated during their field trip to New York, and in the way Connie handles Jasper's moments of crazy, they are very compatible. Jasper even joined the drama club for her, something he wouldn't have done otherwise. William is the local Sheriff in the town of Lobo's Nod, and a father figure in Jasper's life. Raised by Billy to hate and despise all cops in general, the relationship that Jasper has with G. William may come off as surprising. It's implied that after his father was arrested, G. William took pity to Jasper, and made himself available to Jasper.

The two have clashed heads over Jasper's investigation methods and his ability to obsess over a crime, but it's shown that they respect each other. As William didn't accuse Jasper of ever hurting anyone despite all the evidence in New York William is the only adult that Jasper truly confides in and allows in his life. Besides Howie, Connie, and his aunt, William is the only adult who is allowed to call Jasper by his nickname. His first name is Tanner.

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Jasper has a very strained relationship with his father. It wouldn't be inaccurate to say that Jasper hates the man.

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Though, less than five years ago, that was not the case. Raised by Billy. Janice Dent is the mother of Jasper Dent. But in the s, as my sons grew older, they developed an interest in it. I remembered how many good times when I was growing up were associated with being at our hunting camp or in the woods hunting. I wanted my kids to have that same experience.

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Since then, hunting has been an experience shared with my children, and now grandchildren, each year. But why hunt? Hunting is often portrayed as barbaric and cruel, and hunters are presented as ignorant yahoos with a blood lust. Some of the televised hunting shows do little to help that image, with their canned hunts on fenced-in game ranches where hunters are driven to a stand and then pick and shoot one of dozens of trophy bucks that are drawn in to special feeding stations. Wild game is the ultimate localvore meat.

The animal has the best life—talk about free-range—and the best diet.

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  • Wild meat is also what we evolved to eat; it is the healthiest form of protein for us. Then there is the tradition of it. I hunted with the generations that preceded me, and now I hunt with my son and grandchildren. My son is an exceptional hunter, and my oldest granddaughter took her first deer two years ago when she was We are many generations of hunters, and the tradition carries on.

    But there are also deeper reasons. A hunter taps into the very core of what we are as a species.

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    • We evolved as hunters, and have become the most effective, most adaptable and successful predators on the planet. Learning to hunt by reading signs and tracks is in large part responsible for the development of our remarkable brains. Our lack of thick body hair and our ability to sweat gives humans the capability to run any other animal to exhaustion, and that is still a hunting technique used by indigenous people. I understand that it might be sacrilege to say in a magazine devoted to local agriculture that what has changed our culture and separated us from our natural environment as hunters is farming, but there is some interesting scholarship that supports that contention.

      Planting crops and keeping livestock on a large scale created huge changes for humankind—physically, socially, culturally, and mentally.