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Reaching out to another in love has its risks. It means making yourself vulnerable, taking the risk that you may experience rejection or worse. But, oh the blessings! Ray and Nancy Kane have been there and have come out on the other side of fear. In From Fear to Love , they speak honestly of the process of movin Learn how to recognize and destroy barriers to authentic love. In From Fear to Love , they speak honestly of the process of moving from the bondage of fear to the confidence of giving and receiving authentic love.

Drawing on the biblical example of true, genuine love, the Kanes will help readers move past their hurts and into fellowship with God, their spouses and others.

Commitment Issues? How To Overcome The Fear Of Intimacy

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Sort order. Nov 08, Karen rated it it was ok. I didn't find anything in this book necessarily contrary to my beliefs, nor did it offer advice I wouldn't follow. It's just that it is one of a thousand books just like it. It gives counsel to those whose fear keeps them from getting close to those around them. Good, but there was nothing in here that I will remember a month from today. A "ho-hum" read. Dec 09, Jacob Schweizer rated it it was amazing. Great book!

Dissolving Barriers - Louise Hay

And he kept asking me out but my dumb self kept saying yes and when he was talking about a whole different girl that he going to ask out I kept running home crying. You saw the pie chart above.. I have faced the same with most girlfriends just friends. They put a shield around themselves and adopt a defensive strategy.. I read all these comments and I compare them to my literal reason. I just feel this way and I have no idea why.

I push them away and isolate myself because.. Just why. Mine is due to parents divorce, afterwards dad did not keep contact with me, meaning not there for those educational events that girls have. As I got older, saw dad maybe twice a month at his sisters house…. I was supposed to see him on his deathbed but I did not go because of disappointment, hurt, and anger towards him.

My mother became depressed…doing her self and emotionally abandoned me as well as my sisters and grandmother.

Fear of Love Phobia - Philophobia

So, now that Iam an adult have a fear of love, emotional connection with another person. The reason is sexually assaulted at 14 twice, bullied at school by two boys everyday, they were in my class …my mom and dad abandoned me physically and emotionally then to top it off no support system from own family. I rather remain alone than face rejection or something worse. Our stories sound so painfully similar. I never had an emotional connection with either parent my dad was Sparsely in an out until I turned 7 and my mother moved me miles away.

I lived with everyone and anyone who could care for me for a day or night as she worked sometimes 3 jobs to support me or herself idk really? But she was never given monetary support from my father. I just distinctly remember never having a family like everyone else I had seen. Either one or both parents in their home with maybe some siblings and they had a bedroom and many belongings. I was never that kid. I constantly moved around and as I said anywhere that someone could find a place for me to sleep.

I had no grandparents and only a few aunts and uncles but only one set that never seemed to care and I lived with them a few different times actually, I even lived with one of my substitute teachers when I was in middle school for some time because I had nowhere else to go. I went to 13 different schools, Never an ounce of stability in my life and never EVER had an emotional connection with anyone bc everyone I thought I loved or tried to love including family always left me.

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This went on my entire life into adulthood. My mom passed when I was 25 and up to that point I had a step father who tried to molest me for 10 years unsuccessfully. I never had the heart to tell my mother as I didnt want to see her heartbroken yet again. I just ended up leaving their home for good at 15 or Again jumping from place to place. This has trickled down onto my eldest child and he too has lived a lot of the same as I had meaning everyone he ever loved left.

First his father abandoned him at 7 yrs old and then all of his paternal relatives followed suit. And he was only 5 when my mother passed she was the apple of his eye and vice versa. As a result of his childhood trauma he has NEVER, like myself, been able to form or keep friendships or committed relationships and he too always walks away from girlfriends for fear of rejection and pain.

From Fear to Love: Overcoming the Barriers to Healthy Relationships

Theres so much more to say but I havent enough hours or space to say it all here. Then, the one best friend that i had for 2 years that i had a crush on left because she was moving away to Indiana, and in school i have no friends and i get bullied… so i kinda understand why i have this fear…. Guys ought to be manipulated. What many guys want is to be like a guardian angel, watching over our women. Anyway this is what goes on in the minds of men when we see our girlfriends. We just want to be by their sides and protect them forever.

We tend to try and appear powerful and manly so our lady can feel safe.

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We want to be their knights in shining armour, their romance story, the whole package. Take this love, cherish it, and never let it go as long as it lives. Well the real problem for many of us good men is to meet that good woman for us since many of us have that fear that it will never happen. Quite a change today from the old days when it was much easier finding real love back then the way that it happened for our family members.

Symptoms of Philophobia

Well today it is very wise for many of us good men to remain single since this will save us a lot of pain, misery, torture, and a lot of money especially. Be patient. Take the time to meditate and figure out what you love. Because of my culture. Once, me and my friends were hanging out, when one of them told me a guy in our class had a crush on me, and he was there with us. On the inside, i was panicking like crazy, but at the same time, happy!

I breathed heavily with the door locked, staying in there for half an hour.

I almost started shaking and convinced myself out of it. I thought I just had mild depression but I was wrong. Well my story is like yours, but a little different. Let me explain. All my childhood I was alone, no brother, no sister, no cousins, no one to even talk to. My parents were arranged and they always end up arguing with each other, and I used to be alone. Either my dad was beating me up or my mom because they were not happy with their marriage.

I know it myself that avoiding things in life which would make me suffer even more is accepted and gladly prefered by myself, even if this attitude of avoidance deviates drastically from the norm and even if I got to trade off the existence of rare and potentially very good feelings against the reduction of hurtful feelings Personally, I emotionally prefer reduction of damage over additional benefit in my life. I feel the same although I have sisters and brothers but they always avoid conflict so I was always alone and might have this fear of loving because of my parents always fighting and me trying to stop them.