Manual Scorned: Vampire Hunted #1: A LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted novel

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Scorned (LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted #1)

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Bolty is in pain because he wears a nut that is too tight for him.

Scorned: Vampire Hunted #1: A LeKrista Scott, Vampire Hunted novel

The story shows the sympathy that Spanner has for Bolty and how Spanner helps to relieve the pain. It explains how spanners and bolts are used together. Peggy Peg. This story is about the relationship between a wooded peg Peggy Peg , and a mallet Molly Mallet. Molly was restless and wanted to join two pieces of wood together using wooden pegs. The story takes Molly in search of the wood and pegs, and how she goes about joining the wood together using Peggy.

The story explains the correct pegs and holes in the wood to use. Rusty Nail. This story is about a nail Rusty Nail and a hammer Harry Hammer. Harry Hammer went in search of nails to use, and Rusty Nail was chosen for the task. The story shows the empathy that Hammer has for tapping Rusty on his head, and the help Hammer gives to relieve any pain caused.

The story explains how a hammer and nails are used together. Sally Screw. This story is about a screw Sally Screw and a screwdriver Fred Flathead. Sally wanted to know which type of screwdriver fits different screws, and goes on a journey with other screws to find out. Sally and her friends eventually meet up with Fred Flathead and Chris Crosshead the screwdrivers who explain their uses.

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The story explains the two types of screws, groove and crosshead, and the screwdrivers that fit those screws, flathead and crosshead. Spiky Saw. The story is about a rip saw and a piece of wood. Spiky Saw is bored and needs to be active.