Manual Whiteness and Leisure (Leisure Studies in a Global Era)

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Grading status: Letter grade. First-Year Seminar: Special Topics. Special topics course. Content will vary each semester. Honors version available Repeat rules: May be repeated for credit; may be repeated in the same term for different topics; 6 total credits. Global Policy Issues. Global issues are challenges whose sources, impacts, and solutions extend beyond the borders of any one country.

This course introduces students to some of the most pressing issues facing populations around the globe and to possible policy responses. Teaching Great Decisions. Permission of the department. Repeat rules: May be repeated for credit. Global Studies Internship. Internship in a sponsoring organization whose work or mission is meaningfully connected to a global studies topic. Independent Study. Permission of the instructor. Reading and research on special topics in global studies. Global Issues and Globalization. Survey of international social, political, and cultural patterns in selected societies of Africa, Asia, America, and Europe, stressing comparative analysis of conflicts and change in different historical contexts.

Gen Ed: GL. Phillips Ambassadors Program. This academic course is mandatory for Phillips Ambassadors. Course open only to Phillips Ambassadors. Gen Ed: BN. Current Topics in Global Studies. An interdisciplinary approach to the study of the background, current status, and future prospects for one of a series of global issues such as the nuclear age, the environment, technological transition.

Global Perspectives on International Education

Great Decisions. Eight evening guest lectures, with a discussion session after each, on eight issues in current foreign policy. May be repeated for credit. This class combines fieldwork, oral history, and service learning in a course that examines concepts of globalization, migration, and transnationalism, and their intersections with anthropological theory and practice. Global Whiteness.

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This course looks at race as a theory and practice as it has been constructed in academic disciplines, popular culture, and social struggle. Topics vary from semester to semester. Repeat rules: May be repeated for credit; may be repeated in the same term for different topics; 12 total credits. Great Decisions and International Relations.

This course links the Great Decisions lecture series with readings and analyses of international relations. Its purpose is to provide the students on the Great Decisions coordinating committee with a practical and intellectual engagement with United States foreign policy and global issues. Paradigms of Development and Social Change. This course aims to develop a critical perspective on development -- understood as a cultural logic and a discreet set of practices and policies -- so that we can better contribute to positive social change. Through course material and service learning, students develop an understanding of the relationship between development projects and emancipatory frameworks.

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Socialist and Decolonial Ecologies. This course will focus on the relation of capitalism and anthropogenic climate change and feature Marxist and Indigenous critiques of capitalism's responsibility for climate change. We will feature an interdisciplinary lens - philosophy, feminist geography, cultural anthropology, socialist economics - that will analyze how the anthropocentric subject of the Enlightenment separated itself from its natural environment. This course is dedicated to understanding how sameness and difference are used and contested globally, in particular through the criminal justice system and its intersection with race and capitalism.

The course pays particular attention to popular social movement responses, and what they say to theories of difference, globalization, and social change.

Feminist Leisure Studies

Examines dominant, alternative, and emergent narratives of change and the future from around the world. Takes as a premise that we live in a period of multidimensional crises characterized by uncertainty and conflict about how to pursue sustainable economic, ecological, political, social, and cultural projects. NGO Politics. This course will investigate how nongovernmental organizations emerge, how they structure their organizations, how they function, and how they influence public policy.

Honors version available Grading status: Letter grade. Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Institutions.

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This course is an introduction to the history and contemporary politics of the post-Soviet region and explores topics of religious, ethnic, and identity politics; international influences; and civil society and social movements. Comparative Health Systems.

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  • This course provides students with an understanding of the origins and comparative performance of a range of international healthcare systems. History and Politics of Central Asia. This course is an introduction of the history, politics, and societies of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

    Whiteness and Leisure (Leisure Studies in a Global Era)

    The class explores the foundations and conditions of change in the modern history of these societies and investigates how these issues influence contemporary politics. Comparative Development. This course is an APPLES service-learning course whose goal is to integrate real-world experience working with development-oriented organizations, theoretical discussions about the origins and evolution of development thinking, and exposure to the challenges facing practitioners of development, in some of its many substantive and geographical contexts.

    Sports and Globalization. This course explores some of the relationships between sports and globalization and will delve into sports as an important social and cultural practice within larger social, cultural, and political forces shaping studies of globalization. These overviews include Freysinger and Harris' trajectory of how race and ethnicity have been historically conceived and realized in leisure scholarship as representing four specific and yet overlapping foci.

    These themes move from the early invisibility of race in leisure research to specific scholarship that focuses on racial differences as constraining within leisure settings to writings which conceive of leisure as sites of opportunity and expressiveness - including opportunities for people of color to resist, challenge and transform the existing racial order.

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    Pleasure is often experienced via identifications with those similarly raced; however, people of color are psychologically and materially adversely affected when repeatedly confronted with demeaning and stereotypical racial representations. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview. Helms Praeger, Read preview Overview.

    Leong; Mark M. Leach Routledge,